Frequently Asked Questions

Range Hoods

Is 10A socket applicable for the hood?

It is acceptable.

The position of the range hood plate listing the product number

Side Suction/European style: Top of the left case body, Chinese style: Right side of the range hood.

Does the length of the air outlet have any influence on the airflow of the range hood?

The longer the pipeline is, the more the pressure loss will be, resulting in the decrease in suction.

What role does the Auto Turbo System play?

Automatic Turbo System is mainly designed for the resistance in the public flue (chimney) and unsmooth extraction. When the Automatic Turbo System is on, it can automatically detect the resistance in the public flue (chimney) and adjust air volume. Smoke is removed without obstacle.

Why is the cabinet installed before the range hood?

(1)Make the cabinet before installing the hood, so as to prevent non-levelling installation of the hood;

(2)Prevent bumping in the process of cabinet installation and avoid the dust and sawdust dropping into the hood and thus influencing use;

(3) Prevent the hood not able to be dismantled in the future.

What shall be paid attention to for the daily cleaning and maintenance of range hood?

(1) Ensure good ventilation in the kitchen when using the hood. Deep cleaning is recommended once a year, and the hood shall be timely cleaned after cooking every time. Regular cleaning of range hood can effectively avoid the occurrence of oil dropping and spilling, etc.;

(2) Do not use the scouring pad, steel wool, stiff brush or other rough tools when cleaning, but use soft cloth instead;

(3) It is strictly prohibited to use acid alkali cleaner such as Mr. Wham, and neutral detergent shall be used to clean the oil screen once every three months, etc.

What is the air outlet diameter of FOTILE range hood?

The smoke pipe diameter of FOTILE range hood is 7 1/8 inches. Installation on an opening of less than 15-16 inches is not possible as it impacts the efficacy of smoke suction and creates noise.

Do I need to tear off the film on the range hood’s decoration cover?

After installing the range hood, remove the protective film. If the film is removed after already using the range hood, evenness of coloration may be affected and the glue from the protective film will be difficult to remove from the stainless steel finish.

How do I search for a product?

As the structure of the hood is relatively complicated. If you would like to disassemble it for cleaning, you’d better let professionals handle it, so as to avoid damage to the body in the process of disassembly.

What are the maintenance tips for the range hood on a daily basis?

(1) Before installing the oil cup into the hood, first put a little water inside the cup and add some detergent. This will make it easy to clean afterwards.

(2)Remove the fingerprints on the stainless steel surface: White oil.

(3)Remove the yellow stains: Use a wet towel with a little gypsum powder (old powder) to clean, which generally can be purchased in a paint shop.


The position of the range hood plate listing the product number

Side Suction/European style: Top of the left case body, Chinese style: Right side of the range hood.

Can I change the gas source of the cooktop as will?

Do not casually modify or replace with different gas source or nozzles. If a change of gas source is required, please consult the local after-sales service hotline.

How long is the ignition time range of the cooktop normal?

Ignition time of 10 seconds or less is normal.

Why is the cooktop only partially ignited, or only the inner ring ignited instead of the outer ring?

The partial ignition occurs usually because after using for a long time, the oil stains and food residue blocks the fire hole. No ignition at the external fire cover is usually because of flash slot jamming. Take a clean too will be solved.

What shall I do if the cooktop goes off as soon as I let go?

Remove pan support and burner cap to see the two needles at the center of the stove. The white needle is the igniter and the yellow copper needle is the thermocouple. If the thermocouple becomes dirty or damp, it can effect the ability to ignite the flame. We recommend using a dry rag or paper towel to wipe the thermocouple.

The opening for the cooktop is square without arc. Can the cooktop be installed directly?

It can be installed. But firstly for the purpose of aesthetics, and secondly as the surrounding of the cooktop will bear load, the square angle is easy to crack after long time use. Hence it is suggested to open the hold matching angle of FOTILE cooktop.

How to take care of the cocoktop?

When cleaning the cooktop panel, use neutral and non-corrosive cleanser for the burner. If the stainless steel panel is contaminated, it shall be cleaned with wet soft cloth timely with neutral detergent. Burner’s moveable parts, such as the copper fire cover, shall be cleaned often with hot water and neutral detergent. Remove the sintered lumps and wipe it dry with cloth before use. It is strictly prohibited to use steel wool to clean the cooktop panel, so as to avoid scratching the panel.

Why do I feel it is difficult to ignite when I use FOTILE cooktop for the first time?

In the ignition process, many new users usually let it go as soon as they see sparks, resulting in the low success rate of ignition. It is suggested that in the operation, the user should press the button down in place and rotate it to the left, hold until the pattering sound is heard, continue for 2-3 seconds, and the ignition success rate will be improved. The following two reasons may also cause such situation:

(1) There is a lot of residual gas in the pipe, please try to ignite it a few more times. 【After the change of new gas container, you can also follow this method in operation.】

(2) The fire cover is not positioned accurately. It is recommended that you should check if the fire cover is placed on the flat position, if it is closed, and if the protective umbrella is aiming at the ignition needle.

In the ignition, the cooktop is pattering with faint spark. It is hard to ignite or cannot be ignited at all.Why does the cooktop give out the alarm tone?

This situation occurs when the battery will soon lose power. A slow repetitive sound and faint sparking may occur and we recommend replacing the battery. We recommend changing the battery on FOTILE appliances once a year. The battery box is located on the underside of the appliance and takes a D size battery.

Electric Ovens

Is 10A socket applicable for the hood?

It is acceptable.

What shall not be used when cleaning the electric ovens?

(1)Corrosive cleaner, such as powdered detergent and paste detergents;

(2)Sharp metal tools;

(3)Oven spray.

When I cook potato food in the Electric Ovens, the potato food becomes dry. How can I handle it?

It is suggested that potatoes shall be wrapped with tin foil to avoid loss of water, as it takes a long time to bake potato. It is also applicable to reduce the baking temperature, and prolong the baking time for potato.

How can I handle it if there is water stain in the door of the electric ovens?

It is suggested to set the oven to above 180 degrees and roast over a period of time, and the moisture will be evaporated.

The electric ovens has not been cleaned for a long time. Then one day when I want to clean it, I cannot wipe off the oil stain. What shall I do?

It is suggested that the electric ovens should be cleaned immediately after use. If it is not cleaned for a long time and the grease cannot be wiped off, put certain amount of boiled water with a metal container into the oven and turn on the oven. When the water vapor softens the grease, it will be easier to clean.

What doesn’t the pause button of the electric ovens work?

The pause button only works in the running and baking process of the electric ovens.

What is the difference to bake in different layers under the same temperature and time?

You can choose where to put the food according to your favorite taste. Some people like it to be deep roasted, while others like it to be just tender. If you need to grill food that is colored quickly, for example: chicken wings, steak and other meat, it is suggested that you put it in the middle or upper layer. If you need to grill food that is colored slowly, for example: macarons, cake, bread and other pastries, it is suggested that you put it in the lower layer. For other dishes, it is suggested that normally they can be put in the middle layer.

Do I need to tear off the film on the range hood’s decoration cover?

After installing the range hood, remove the protective film. If the film is removed after already using the range hood, evenness of coloration may be affected and the glue from the protective film will be difficult to remove from the stainless steel finish.

How can I operate the electric ovens for the first time?

(1)During the initial use of the oven, an unusual smell may occur. This is due to the heating and evaporation of material on the oven’s surface used to protect the oven while in the warehouse.

(2)During the first use of the oven after installation, we recommend setting the temperature to the highest setting (making sure there is no food inside the oven first) for half an hour. Afterward, open the stove and exhaust air out of the room.

Can canned food/nuts be heated with the electric ovens?

The electric ovens can heat canned food with opened cover in high temperature resistant container. Canned food with cover unopened cannot be heated in the Electric Ovens, as the pressure surge in the sealed can will cause explosion, resulting in harm or damage. For nuts, such as chestnuts, it is necessary to cut the shell open with a knife before roasting it.

Steam Ovens

How to clean the water tank of the steam oven?

01/C2: Turn off power source, remove water tank and add hot water (around 60℃) until reaching the fill line. Remove electric steaming box and add a packet of specialized detergent to the water tank. Soak for 3-5 minutes (a longer soaking time yields better results). Until water scaling is completely dissolved, thoroughly rinse the inner walls of the water tank two times. This completes the process of removing water scaling from the water tank.

What is installation requirement for steam oven?

It requires 2.5mm² electric wire and a distance of 45mm from the back of the kitchen cabinet. The cabinet should be heat resistant to temperatures above 100℃. Keep away from heat sources, gas lines, ethyl alcohol and other flammable substances.

What are the differences for steam oven with preheated or non preheated food?

Choose according to your own tastes and preferences to decide whether to put in the dishes after preheating. Dishes cooked usually have good taste after being preheated by steam oven. The color is bright and the moisture is just right, while non preheating dishes are relatively ripe, with more moisture and deeper color.

How long does the fan continue working after the steam oven stops working?

As the steam oven has the fan cooling function, the fan will continue working after the steam oven timing is up so as to reduce the internal temperature of the steam oven. The operating time is 20 minutes, and it will stop automatically after 20 minutes.

What amp is the power cord of the steam oven?

10A socket.

How to set the timing when I steam pasta in the steam oven?

The 10 minutes steaming time for the steamed bun as instructed in the menue is applicable for the frozen bun or dumpling purchased from supermarket. If the bun or dumpling is made by users themselves, it is recommended to keep the size of each bun or dumpling consistent, and extend the cooking time appropriately for 5-10 minutes.

What are the techniques to use the steam over for fermentation?

(1) Temperature set to 40℃ requires 50 minutes to an hour of fermenting ;

(2) Temperature set to 45℃~50℃ requires 30 to 40 minutes of fermenting ;

(3) Seal utensils with plastic wrap when placing in the steam oven or oven. Place into steam oven directly. The oven requires a bowl of water be placed near the side of the utensil to prevent scorching. During spring and fall, follow the times outlined above. During the winter, we recommend adding 2-5 minutes fermenting time because the room is cooler. As the room is warmer during the summer,there is no need to place within the steam oven or oven, as fermenting can take place in the outside environment. If needed, follow the instructions for spring and fall outlined above.

What are the techniques to steam dishes with the steam oven?

As there is water vapor inside the steam oven when steaming food, it is suggested to cover the vessel with plastic wrap, so as to ensure that the cooked dishes have balanced moisture and well-controlled taste.

Microwave Ovens

What are the requirements of the microwave ovens for vessel materials?

(a) The microwave possesses highest microwave permeability

(b) Heat restistant to temperatures in excess of 248℉

(c) No harmful substances escape while using the microwave

What are the cleaning steps for the microwave oven?

(1) It is required to cut off the power before cleaning;

(2) Clean the microwave surface: Use a piece of cloth to clean with detergent and warm water. Do not use corrosive detergent and cleaning utensils;

(3) Clean the oven door: Use warm and wet cloth to wipe the door, glasses and both sides of the door and glass, the sealer and adjacent parts. Do not use corrosive detergent;

(4)Be careful when cleaning the control panel. Do not use too much water. Use soft cloth with just the right amount of water to wipe. No scratching. And do not use corrosive cleaner.

What are the installation conditions for the microwave oven?

Microwave oven must be placed flat in the ventilated, dry and non-corrosive environment and kept away from heat and steam. Microwave oven shall be kept away from television, radio and microwave antenna (generally more than 5 meters), otherwise it will generate interference. FOTILE microwave power supply system must be used independently, or it may blow out the fuse. It is recommended to use fuse above 10A (amp). The plug must be plugged into the earthed socket

What happens when there is flame and white smoke occurring in the microwave oven?

There are three possibilities:

(1)Barbecue grills are used in the microwave mode. The barbecue grill shall be used in the barbecue mode, instead of microwave mode.

(2)Metal containers are used in the microwave mode. Metal containers or non high-temperature resistant containers shall not be used in microwave mode.

(3)There is too much oil stains in the inner tank of the microwave oven. And it is suggested to clean up the oil stains.

What are the choices of materials applied for microwave oven?

The following four types of materials: a. Glass b. Ceramic c. Plastic d. Film

What amp is the power cord of the microwave oven?


How to eliminate the odd smell of the microwave oven?

(1)Put a few pieces of lemon (or a few teaspoons of lemon juice) in the oven, and use high power microwave mode to cook for 2 ~ 3 minutes.

(2)Put a cup of black tea in the oven, and use high power to heat for 2 ~ 3 minutes.

(3)Put some orange peels in the furnace, and use high power to heat for 1 minute.

There is sound (or wind outlet) after it stops working. And it runs automatically after the door is opened. What is the matter?

This is the fan cooling function working. The fan will continue working for 2 more minutes.

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